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Binu Nair got an Audition Call with Atul Productions with the help of auditionsIndia Zubin Arora got a Chance to work in Movie "Paranoia" Shweta Maval and Anagha Joshi Short Listed for Love Net Season 2 for Channel V Talent Janu form Kolkata signed for EKLBK Leena Ahire Selected for Fast and the Gorgeous Season 2 on NDTV Good Times Chandresh Moolya worked in a Short film through Auditions India Members Maanuv Bharadwaj and Mr Ram Giridhar -Shortlisted for Biggest show on Indian Politics Shweta Maval Completed Shooting for Upcoming Realty Show "Steal Your Boyfriend" on Channel V Aditya More Shortlisted for upcoming Serial "Mera Tuta Sapna" Saleem Bhat Shortlisted For Splitsvilla 5 Shaun Landers Shortlisted for Parle Poppins TVC 18 Members Shortlisted and Auditioned for Upcoming Bollywood show on Leading Channel Congrats to Auditions India Member Subhash Khanapur For Playing Lead Role in Short Film Kaleidoscopi Simran Khan Selected for Star CJ Promo Shweta Maval is the Cover Girl for Modelz view Magazine Dec 2011 Issue Talents Shakti Bedi and Pranav Gadi Shortlisted for new MTV SHOW Saleem Bhat signed Contract today for Upcoming Realty Show"Dating in the Dark" Shakti Bedi Selected for TV Serial Pavitra Rishta Ajeet Stanley and Reshmi rao Selected for Promo Shoot of a Leading Channel Manil Mishra , Mohak Khurana & Poonam Phillips selected for upcoming film by Vin Mehta Amar Maurya Selected for Upcoming Movie by Renowned Writer Mr.Manish Gupta Auditions India Member Shilpa Bhagwat Selected for Full Length Movie "VIDE-A Church Musicians Life". Congratulations to Members Shortlisted for Film "Blemished Lights" Alefia Kapadia and Puru Shorey Selected for Birla Sun Life Commercial Cheshta Mehta Selected for Show I Love My India 20 talents Shortlisted for Thriller Movie by Devs Music Member Udit Ohri Selected for Reebok Commercial Vin Rana Selected for CBR 150 Bike Commercial Avanish Singh Selected for Short Film Mera Vajood Talent Shamma Singh and Abhishek Bhalero acted in Short Film "Now or Never" Neha Soni Selected for ZEE TV Promo Talent Manish Manwani selected for Movie-Music Meri Jaan 8 Talents Shortlisted for Upcoming Movie for Dharma Productions Alisha Nagar and Shweta Maval shortlisted for Upcoming Show on Star Sonia Tredia Selected for Savadhan India Prem Chandra Shortlisted for Fear Files 3 Tejender Singh Selected for Short Film"Call Waiting" People Shortlisted for Upcoming Show on Leading Marathi Channel Mr Haresh Sippy Selected for Fear Files Puru Shorey, Shrenik Shah, Sonia Tredia and Vikram Anand Selected for Dharma Movie Aditi Malvi Selected for Short Film "Light the Fire" Dilip Tekwani Shortlisted for Berger Paints TVC Manil Mishra Selected for SAVDHAN India Pari Thakkar Age 4 yrs Shortlisted for Upcoming Balaji Show 20 Artist Shortlisted for Movie Trimurt aaya Katwaria Sarai Sheshank Anand Selected for Big Bazar TVC Congratulations to Members Shortlisted for Film Malala Manil Mishra Shortlisted for DD1 Shoot Srinit Mishra Selected for Upcoming Movie Malala 20 Male Memebers Shortlised for Upcoming Yash Raj Movie Vanshika Sharma Worked In Short Film "Roshani" Members Shortlisted for Movie"The End of Bandit queen" 10 Talents Shortlisted for Yash Raj Project Member Kanchan Patil Selected for Marathi Movie Child Artist Rahul Yerunkar Shortlisted for Nihar Oil TVC Sumit Ramola Selected for 24 Series Tejender Singh Selected for Movie" war Chodo na Yaar" 25 Talent Shortlisted for Upcoming Serial "Vishwas" Talents Gurmeet Rihal and Shweta Maval Selected for International Liquor Brand Ad Vanshika Sharma Selected for Bacardi Commercial Umesh Mihani Selected for Cadbury Silk TVC Anil Choudhary Completed Shooting for Film " Gori tere Pyar Main" Romit Sharma Selected for Movie Gori Tere Pyar Main Romit Sharma Selected for Movie Gori Tere Pyar Main Surabhi Yerunkar and Aishwarya Pawar Shortlisted for Upcoming Projects by IIMC Members Ajaay Nikite, Ashish Joshi and Alok Chandra shortlisted for Leading Car Commercial Congratulations to Members Shortlisted for Film" Mumbai Ek Sangharsh" Vipul Deshpande and Supreet Nikam Selected for GOVT OF INDIA - Ministry of Minority Affairs TVC
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Talent Neel Bakshi profile details
Talent Neel Bakshi Profile detailsTalent Neel Bakshi Physical detailsTalent Neel Bakshi Photo Gallery details
Talent Viutika Tripathi profile details
Talent Viutika Tripathi Profile detailsTalent Viutika Tripathi Physical detailsTalent Viutika Tripathi Videos detailsTalent Viutika Tripathi Photo Gallery details
Talent Shripad Kale profile details
Talent Shripad Kale Profile detailsTalent Shripad Kale Physical detailsTalent Shripad Kale Photo Gallery details
Talent Seema Vats profile details
Talent Seema Vats Profile detailsTalent Seema Vats Physical detailsTalent Seema Vats Videos detailsTalent Seema Vats Photo Gallery details
Talent Suresh Chaudhary profile details
Talent Suresh Chaudhary Profile detailsTalent Suresh Chaudhary Physical detailsTalent Suresh Chaudhary Photo Gallery details
Talent Manu Ajay profile details
Talent Manu Ajay Profile detailsTalent Manu Ajay Physical detailsTalent Manu Ajay Photo Gallery details
Talent Utsav Diwaker profile details
Talent Utsav Diwaker Profile detailsTalent Utsav Diwaker Physical detailsTalent Utsav Diwaker Videos detailsTalent Utsav Diwaker Photo Gallery details
Talent Akash Kohli profile details
Talent Akash Kohli Profile detailsTalent Akash Kohli Physical detailsTalent Akash Kohli Photo Gallery details
Talent Atasi Misra profile details
Talent Atasi Misra Profile detailsTalent Atasi Misra Physical detailsTalent Atasi Misra Photo Gallery details
Talent Leena Soni profile details
Talent Leena Soni Profile detailsTalent Leena Soni Photo Gallery details
Talent Kish Shetty profile details
Talent Kish Shetty Profile detailsTalent Kish Shetty Physical detailsTalent Kish Shetty Photo Gallery details
Talent Anwesha Paul profile details
Talent Anwesha Paul Profile detailsTalent Anwesha Paul Physical detailsTalent Anwesha Paul Photo Gallery details
Talent Hargurpreet Singh profile details
Talent Hargurpreet Singh Profile detailsTalent Hargurpreet Singh Physical detailsTalent Hargurpreet Singh Photo Gallery details
Talent Shriharsh Sonar profile details
Talent Shriharsh Sonar Profile detailsTalent Shriharsh Sonar Physical detailsTalent Shriharsh Sonar Photo Gallery details
Talent Pooja Misra profile details
Talent Pooja Misra Profile detailsTalent Pooja Misra Physical detailsTalent Pooja Misra Videos detailsTalent Pooja Misra Photo Gallery details
Talent Varsha Shinde Rane profile details
Talent Varsha Shinde Rane Profile detailsTalent Varsha Shinde Rane Photo Gallery details
Talent Shreya Bhalla profile details
Talent Shreya Bhalla Profile detailsTalent Shreya Bhalla Physical detailsTalent Shreya Bhalla Photo Gallery details
Talent Manvir Manas profile details
Talent Manvir Manas Profile detailsTalent Manvir Manas Physical detailsTalent Manvir Manas Videos detailsTalent Manvir Manas Photo Gallery details
Talent Viraat Nimesh profile details
Talent Viraat Nimesh Profile detailsTalent Viraat Nimesh Physical detailsTalent Viraat Nimesh Photo Gallery details
Talent Sanjeev Shahi profile details
Talent Sanjeev Shahi Profile detailsTalent Sanjeev Shahi Physical detailsTalent Sanjeev Shahi Photo Gallery details
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